Our work in improving workplace mental health

Beyond Blue works hard to improve the mental health of workers in Australia and promote the benefits of mentally healthy workplaces.

Beyond Blue forges strong partnerships to build the capacity of industries, workplaces and individuals to know what to do to be a mentally healthy workplace; one that protects the mental health of all staff, promotes wellbeing, and supports staff with mental health conditions. A range of resources and programs continue to be developed to assist organisations and individuals be mentally healthy.

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Beyond Blue's 2014/15 annual report features our work to inspire and support businesses of all sizes to create mentally healthy workplaces.


Heads Up

The Heads Up initiative, launched by Beyond Blue in partnership with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance (MHWA), encourages all people in every workplace to take action on mental health. The Heads Up website gives individuals and organisations free tools and resources to help them manage mental health issues in the workplace. Join Heads Up and keep up to date with the latest developments in workplace mental health. Joining will also allow you to create and save a tailored action plan for your organisation.

Workplace online

Beyond Blue has developed a number of free and innovative online programs for a variety of workplace audiences, to increase understanding of mental health in the workplace. The online programs can be completed by individuals in the workplace or in the privacy of the home. Some of the resources are also Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) which means they can be imported into organisation’s own Learning Management System’s (LMS).

Toolbox talk training package for all workplaces

Beyond Blue's ‘Mental health in the workplace’ toolbox talk training package aims to equip managers with the skills and confidence to encourage conversations about mental health in the workplace, reduce stigma and support staff experiencing a mental health condition.

Toolbox talk training package for union delegates

Beyond Blue's 'Mental health in the workplace' toolbox talk training package aims to equip union delegates with the skills and confidence to encourage conversations about mental health in the workplace, reduce stigma and support workers experiencing a mental health condition.

Doctors’ Mental Health Program

Research has highlighted high rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, substance use and self-medication throughout the medical profession. To address these issues, Beyond Blue developed a national Doctors' Mental Health Program in consultation with the medical profession, to promote the mental health of doctors and reduce their risk of suicide.

Police and Emergency Services Program

The Beyond Blue Police and Emergency Services Program was established to address the high rates of mental health conditions and suicide among Australian police and emergency services personnel. The Program focuses on police, ambulance, fire and rescue, and state emergency services, and includes current and former/retired workers, volunteers and their families.

Our research relating to mental health at work

Beyond Blue funds a range of research projects primarily designed to identify, and then address, the gaps in the evidence base.


Beyond Blue offers a free catalogue of resources on depression, anxiety, and suicide for people, partners, family and friends, and for health professionals who work in mental health.


Beyond Blue draws on a range of partners and advisors and works closely with industry bodies, unions and professional associations to disseminate its work.

More information on workplace mental health

Beyond Blue works to improve the mental health of workers in Australia and promote the benefits of mentally healthy workplaces.

Visit the Heads Up website for practical information and resources on a broad range of workplace mental health strategies.

Find out more at Heads Up

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