Independent evaluations

As part of our funding agreement with the Commonwealth Department of Health, Beyond Blue commissions an independent evaluation at the end of each funding period. 

The latest report was completed in May 2014 and looked at Beyond Blue's work from 2010–2014. The independent evaluation of Beyond Blue found the following:

  • Beyond Blue had met its strategic objectives and was making progress on its vision and mission
  • funders believed Beyond Blue had delivered on its contractual requirements and even exceeded them in some areas
  • Beyond Blue was innovative, got the job done, and had a track record of filling gaps 
  • Beyond Blue was highly efficient, with staffing costs comprising 15 per cent of total expenditure
  • Beyond Blue has deep penetration and reach into the general community and in key settings (e.g. workplace, schools)
  • Beyond Blue has a continuous improvement approach and was demonstrating its willingness to listen and learn
  • people have a positive and satisfying experience when they have contact with Beyond Blue
  • blueVoices members were now more involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Beyond Blue activities with the majority feeling valued and respected for their contributions
  • Beyond Blue's online and social media capability was an organisational strength
  • brand recognition was very high (90 per cent awareness) and was associated with community acceptance of depression.

Overall, the independent evaluation confirmed that Beyond Blue is a highly efficient, effective and action-oriented organisation that offers unique national expertise, scope and reach. Our services and information are valued and well regarded by the community.

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