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    Beyond Blue is here for you – every day – in more ways than ever before – equipping you with tools and providing support where you live, work, learn and play.
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Who we are and what we do

Everyone experiences the ups and downs of mental health. But what happens when it’s down?

Anxiety, depression and suicide affect millions of people around Australia, impacting how they connect with family and friends, thrive at work, and live productive and meaningful lives.

People of all ages, backgrounds and cultures are asking themselves “how can I feel better?” and “will I feel like this for the rest of my life?”

Beyond Blue is here to help people in Australia understand that these feelings can change. We want to equip them with the skills they need to look after their own mental health and wellbeing, and to create confidence in their ability to support those around them.

Our vision is for everyone in Australia to achieve their best possible mental health.

Through our support services, programs, research, advocacy and communication activities, we’re breaking down the stigma, prejudice and discrimination that act as barriers to people reaching out for support.

Anxiety and depression can be managed. Suicide can be prevented. That’s why we’re here.


Our mission

We promote good mental health. We create change to protect everyone’s mental health and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by anxietydepression and suicide.

Our key result areas

With a community heart and a business head, we strive to:

  1. Reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide by supporting people to protect their mental health and to recover when they are unwell.
  2. Reduce people’s experiences of stigma and discrimination.
  3. Improve people’s opportunities to get effective support and services at the right time.
  4. Use best business practices to deliver integrated, evidence-based and cost-effective initiatives

How we do it

Mental health conditions don’t discriminate, and neither do we. Our programs and initiatives support people at all stages of life, wherever they live, work, study and play. 

We listen and respond. We place a high priority on seeking out, listening and responding to the experiences of people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide, and combine this with evidence generated by researchers and evaluators.

We connect with people and advocate for positive change.

We work in all States and Territories, aiming for our campaigns, communications, resources and programs to be as accessible in remote communities as inner metropolitan suburbs, to:

  • Inform and connect people to enable them to achieve their best possible mental health and access support when they need it.
  • Influence and challenge discriminatory behaviour by advocating for positive change and prompting discussions across Australia.
  • Innovate and initiate effective ways to improve access to support and improve outcomes for people, families and communities.

The experiences and needs of people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide underpin all Beyond Blue's work. Our online reference group Blue Voices is invited to steer, advise and inform the development and improvement of our work and mental health and suicide prevention policies, programs and services across Australia.

Our independence and bipartisan approach to issues position us to advocate for positive change, and a better deal for people experiencing anxiety, depression and suicide risk. Our research continues to shape our work and that of others, and we collaborate with partners across many sectors and industries to advance our collective thinking, knowledge and direction. Find out more about Beyond Blue’s research program.


For a full list of references for the statistics on this page, and any others across the website, please visit the references page and search through the relevant category.

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