About Beyond Blue

For more than 20 years, people in Australia have placed their trust in Beyond Blue as a reliable source of mental health information, support, and hope.

We are one of Australia’s most well-known, trusted, and visited mental health organisation. We never take this for granted. With it comes a deep responsibility to listen, to understand people’s needs and aspirations, and to ensure that they are at the heart of everything we do.

We are a big blue door for many in the community: a safe and reliable place for millions of people to access information, advice and support – whether they’re well and want to stay that way, unsettled or struggling and need support, or in recovery and want to reconnect.

Strategy 2023+, Earlier. Easier. Together.

Our Vision is that all people in Australia achieve their best possible mental health.

Our Role is to work with the community to improve mental health and make it easier for people to feel better earlier, get well and stay well.

To achieve this, we are working towards five strategic goals:

Understanding: More people understand how to look after their mental health.

I know and trust Beyond Blue for mental health information that meets my needs

Trustworthy advice, information and tools can equip people with the knowledge to manage their mental health day to day and know when and how to reach out for support and what Beyond Blue offers.

Supporting: More people access support earlier.

I access support before my mental health problems snowball

By reaching out earlier, people can start to use tools and support before approaching crisis point. This results in less distress and reduces the chances of problems spiralling.

Connecting: More people feel connected.

I am not alone, because I am connected to others

By sharing people’s lived experience and stories and building supportive environments where looking after mental health is normal, people can feel less alone and empowered to reach out to those around them.

Leading: People see us leading and influencing positive system and social change.

I know that Beyond Blue is working towards making changes for better mental health

There are historical, social, cultural and environmental factors that influence people’s ability to achieve their best possible mental health. We advocate for positive social change and system reform. We play a key role in building a future mental health system that features easy-to-access, affordable, inclusive, early support options.

Integrity: People trust that we operate with integrity.

I have confidence in Beyond Blue to make an impact

The world is changing rapidly, with digital advancements, resource constraints, and shifting community needs and expectations. To keep pace with these changes we commit to governing and running our organisation with the utmost integrity and value to the community and our supporters. This includes ensuring we are transparent and inclusive, our workforce is skilled and engaged and we act to earn people’s trust.