Kate and Emma's Story


“My anxiety and stress was affecting my sleep, work and relationships. So, I took the opportunity to get support. After only five weeks, my breathing troubles, low mood and overall peaks of anxiety have dulled to almost non-existent. I am truly a happier person and my life is much more fulfilled, as I am able to be more present and live in the moment.

''My Access coach gave me the confidence and support I needed. This is not an all-talk program – it is highly practical and effective. I would highly recommend NewAccess to anyone experiencing anxiety or stress.” 

– Kate, NewAccess Participant

''I had just moved to Australia and was experiencing culture shock and grief. Visiting the local library I saw a flyer for the NewAccess Program. I left a message and was quickly responded to. My situation was challenging and I found the weekly support via phone contact helped me to focus on problem solving using straight forward approaches. My Access coach was able to see that worry is a big issue for me. It had particularly flared up in my situation. 

''I am a good problem solver but I realised I’m not strong in identifying my own problems. I was helped to categorise worries into practical and hypothetical and then if a practical worry then moving into brainstorming for problem solving options. And then begin taking small actions towards the solution.'' 

Emma, NewAccess Participant

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