NewAccess Case Study – Bill's Story


When Bill had a heart attack, his life hit rock bottom.

He not only lost his job but a place to live. Despite being physically unable to work, he knew he needed to find a new job and would spend his days trying to meet job search criteria as part of New Start.   

It was no surprise that Bill’s confidence took a hit. He gained weight and his social connections were put on hold because he was too embarrassed to go out. He had reached the point where he needed help. 

Fortunately, Bill discovered NewAccess.

His NewAccess Coach worked with him to identify two goals he could focus on, 1) socialising a couple of times a week without feeling embarrassed, 2) achieving more financial stability with the aim of taking a holiday in six months.  

Over six sessions Bill worked hard to achieve his goals. He found the Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Li-CBT) extremely valuable in helping him get his life back on track. Not only did it enable him to identify triggers that would upset him, but it also equipped him emotionally to deal with problems when they came up. 

Throughout the process an application for disability support pension was put in place so Bill didn’t have to meet job searching criteria and his payments would increase. He started socialising again and was offered a presidency role at a local club. 

Finally, Bill had his confidence back and was looking forward to saving for his holiday. 

The outcomes for Bill were extremely positive. At the end of the program he stated, “NewAccess helped me in more ways than I can put into words”.   

Thanks to Lives Lived Well, NewAccess service provider for giving us the background to Bill’s story. To find out if a NewAccess service is located in your area please visit our find a coach page.   

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