NewAccess Case Study – Jenny's Story


A determined worker, avid gardener and keen socialite, Jenny’s life changed when she  experienced overwhelming loss in a short period of time.

After the death of her husband of over 30 years, Jenny lost  multiple family members, and, the week before she reached out to NewAccess, her best friend lost her battle with cancer.  

Throughout this time Jenny found it hard to keep up with her daily routine. She stopped eating, lost 10kg, drank too much, rarely left the house for anything other than work, and had trouble sleeping. She couldn’t even go into her garden without becoming overwhelmed with grief for her husband. It was only her work ethic, and incredible determination that masked her suffering and kept her going.

At first, her Coach wondered if the program would be able to support someone going through such extensive loss, but after the initial session Jenny was certain she wanted to come back, telling her Coach they were “the first person she’d felt comfortable with”.

In the first session, Jenny did a lot of crying and sharing of her grief. She was told that her feelings were normal given everything that had happened.

Across the six NewAccess sessions Jenny worked with her coach on identifying routines and enjoyable aspects of her life. She was encouraged to take small steps towards achieving weekly goals to get her life and health back on track.

When her final session arrived, she had met all her treatment goals. She was sleeping, putting on weight, seeing her friends socially and drinking a healthy amount. She was smiling, laughing, more engaged at work and even spending time in her beloved garden again. She realised that through talking through her challenges with her NewAccess coach, she was able to move forward and wasn’t afraid to accept help from others. She wasn’t alone.

At the end of the program Jenny’s NewAccess coach commented: “While Jenny had reached out for help, she did the work. She fought for herself. She left knowing that she would have sad days, but also knowing that she could help herself get through them and, over time, it would get easier.”

Thanks to Lives Lived Well, NewAccess service provider for giving us the background to Jenny's story. To find out if a NewAccess service is located in your area please visit our find a coach page.   

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