NewAccess Case Study – Mary's Story


Change can be hard and moving house is one of the biggest changes you can make.

When Mary sold her family home of 35 years, she found the process very stressful. Confused and lonely, Mary soon found herself experiencing anxiety. Her local Doctor referred her to a psychologist to help manage the way she was feeling, but unfortunately it didn’t provide Mary with the support she needed so she stopped going. She took it upon herself to seek alternative assistance and discovered NewAccess. 

At her first appointment Mary described her problem to the NewAccess coach. She stated that she would feel anxious and nervous every morning before her partner went to work. To distract her from the loneliness of being home by herself she would turn on the radio or TV. She started experiencing confusion and memory loss which would concern her even more. Together Mary and her NewAccess Coach defined the two areas to work on: 1) staying at home by herself without feeling anxious or nervous and not use the TV or radio as a distraction, 2) walking as long as she wanted without feeling nervous or anxious.

Across the six sessions Mary worked through the Behavioural Activation guided self-help workbook and reflected on her triggers and behaviours. She was able to identify patterns of behaviour in her weekly routine and connected these with how she avoids activities. Mary found a new way to manage anxiety through a large social group and rediscovered her interest in reading. 

Importantly she realised that keeping routine was extremely valuable. At the end of the program she commented: “I am feeling more optimistic, hopeful about getting back to the way I was. Everything about the program was helpful. I understand things better now.’

Thanks to Lives Lived Well, NewAccess service provider for giving us the background to Mary's story. To find out if a NewAccess service is located in your area please visit our find a coach page.   

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