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Topic: Grey

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. TheLastSlice ofBread
    TheLastSlice ofBread avatar
    19 posts
    29 May 2021
    The importance of grey
    Black and white
    Dark or light
    Something when in balance
    Is mesmerising like two lovers hand in hand in a private dance
    Together blending becoming one
    The white so bright
    That you think you have never seen any colours before
    Followed by the dark
    So dark that the thought of light coming makes you begin to be come insane
    Black and white
    Dark or light
    For anytime spent frolicking in the light, expect twice as long curled up in the dark
    We should stop striving for perfect light and embrace the grey made from the dark and light
  2. smallwolf
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    smallwolf avatar
    6201 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to TheLastSlice ofBread
    And it is my favourite colour
  3. mmMekitty
    Valued Contributor
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    mmMekitty avatar
    3487 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to TheLastSlice ofBread

    Hello TheLastSlice ofBread,

    I noticed you posted this several months ago. Hope you are okay, and posting somewhere else. I will look around more yet. I couldn't let you post here without anyone acknowledging your thoughts. I would like to hear more..

    You have thought a lot about this, The Grey, what it is for you, I would like to think about what you have written, because, grey for me has been a neutral tone, one best for a background for all my others colours to shine from.

    I saw a most wonderful painting once, it was of many shades and tints of red and grey, painted so softly at the edges of each roughly square segment, it seemed it was made of fine strands of hair brushed neatly over the canvas. I simply had to touch it, to confirm it was really a painted surface. Without the support of the greys the picture would not had worked.

    I was fascinated with all the subtly tinted greys I had noticed. Now I barely know what I am looking at. My eyes are so messed up, producing spontaneous colours which alter the view. My brain is not able to sort things out for me anymore.

    I find I do not really see black. I can only see a dark charcoal grey at best. At worst, the same colour might look brown, red, green or blue, possibly anything.

    I sometimes go and look at the night sky, and it looks pink.

    It is better for me than the ferociously bright white of sunny days, too glary to bear.

    But when I go out on cloudy days, and everything looks tinted grey, so subdued, like walking in the fog.

    I know this does not seem to have anything to do with your poem. Just know, I am letting it sit quietly, so I could walk around it for a bit.

    Thank you. I enjoy musing about things, seeing where my thoughts wander.


    Oh! surprise, and hello, Small Wolf, how did you get up there? I didn't see your post when I started writing mine. 😸

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