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Forums / BB Social Zone / Leaving Australia!

Topic: Leaving Australia!

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  1. BlueEternity
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    22 October 2014

    Depression cured! Leave australia! Under 30's have a read. 

    So a few months ago we went to a home open. My wife and I really loved the place. It was a TINY tiny cottage on about 300m2 with no backyard and 2 rooms. Barely enough space for a couple. We really loved it even though it was probably worth half what they wanted.

    We put in an offer.  700k. Which was extreme. We had saved just over 200k over the years. It was 10x our income.

    We were told later the place was sold to a couple in their 60's then about 2 weeks later we got a call from the agent saying 'I'm pleased to announce the house is for rent would you like to put an application in' 

    That night was horrible. For 3 hours my wife sat on the couch crying. Watching TV crying. Reading a book tears rolling down her face. It was because we knew we would never have a chance at 'living in australia' despite being 4th generation Australians. We didn't talk the whole night.

    In bed we lay in the dark for about an hour. Then my wife finally spoke

    'I HATE Australia...'

    That was it till the next morning. 

    My wife never swears and is always syper postive. Im the opposite. After a couple of weeks we discussed how why where etc of owning a home and raising a family in australia. The prospect of our kids living in a dog box. US having 40k uni debts our kids having 100k debts. How we have the lowest populatiom density in the world but somehow the highest land prices. How morally wrong it was that those who didn't have to pay anything for land and education can now extort us into being slaves for them. The more we thought about it the more we realized we both hate Australia and it was the cause of all our depression. 

    Fast forward 6 months and we have successfully gotten jobs overseas and move in 3 months. Ok pay but 1/4 the housing cost and 100x the variety. But with our saving we are buying a house out right and we're not even 30. 4x the size of what we could ever dream of owning in Australia.

    I would suggest to anyone who's depressed have a good look at your life. Throw away your comfort  blanket and realize Australia is a paradise, for anyone over 40. For the rest of us opportunity and lifestyle await all you have to do is walk out the door. 

  2. HA1
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    22 October 2014 in reply to BlueEternity

    Hi BlueEternity

    Thank you for your interesting post.  It got me thinking.

    A change in lifestyle and environment is often the best medicine to commence the healing process (in my view).  I would look at it in terms of leaving the past and the current 'future' behind, and starting a new life with a new future, a future without the baggage of the past.  That is my plan - and relocating overseas is a probable outcome.

    Although I am well over 40, I can't see a paradise in my current environment.  I also look forward to walking out the door into a new lifestyle that I pray is awaiting me. Just as soon as I can afford to do so.

    I am very pleased that you have taken this step - any way you look at it it is a brave move.  I wish you and your family all the best with your new beginnings.  It does sound like a dream.

    Take care


  3. BlueEternity
    BlueEternity avatar
    5 posts
    23 October 2014 in reply to HA1

    Thanks K


    We had a bit of anxiety about leaving. But now we have been overseas a few times we realized just how big the world is. 

     We were really stressed out. Broke from trying to save a deposit. We had $300 a week left over after saving to buy fuel food bills etc.


    We know 7 people now who have simply left australia and they all LOVE it. Some are in the USA ones in new Zealand. A few in Europe and 1 in China. The guy in China even says it's great. His savings was like 20 years income for them lol


    We always used to be so depressed and sad about what living in austraila means. We realized how much better it is beyond these waters. 


    I know people say the grass is always greener on the other side.

    In this case it really is!

     We can't explain just how much stress. Anxiety and depression lifted as soon as we realized now we won't have to work till we are 70. We will have a fully paid off house and we aren't 30. And we can chase our dream jobs and hobbies for the rest of our lives.

    We'd come back but house prices would have to be 1/2 what they are now and laws put in place to stop investors buying what should be a human right, out from under those who need it. Also education and healthcare. We can see it going the way of the USA.



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