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Forums / BB Social Zone / My perception on what Breaking Bad is about- SPOILERS THROUGHOUT!!

Topic: My perception on what Breaking Bad is about- SPOILERS THROUGHOUT!!

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  1. Bob Norton
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    12 October 2016
    SPOILER ALERT; If you haven't seen Breaking Bad, don't read this article, it is only to be read in retrospect or at ones risk...

    Breaking Bad, as admitted by its writer Vince Gillian evolved quite organically through its six seasons. It was unanticipated the various character developments that occurred, but overall, a brilliantly done and encapturing series.

    Did you know that Jessie Pinkman was going to be killed off in the early first season? His character became so pivotal to the series and he was one of the few characters who ended up being the 'moral compass' of the show, along with Hank Schrader who started the series as a very vulgar boisterous DEA agent.

    By the end of the series however, you cry when he dies as he was actually one of the good guys all along with a strong heart. I love the flashback scenes of Breaking Bad, they are so telling and intriguing.

    The most powerful for me, came at the beginning of the last episode of Season 3 which flashes back to a young Walter White and Skylar (Who is pregnant with Flynn) as they do an inspection of their future house.

    Ever so subtly, you see the greed that grows in Walt as he thinks the house is too small and thinking they will have 'at least 3 children'.

    He constantly searched for the bigger better deal. We tend to root for Walter White in the earlier seasons, the man who is diagnosed with lung cancer, making meth to provide his loved ones with a lot of cash.

    However, the first sin that is committed is pride and by the fifth season it becomes pure greed. Seasons 5 and 6 are an entity of their own- 5, Walt wears expensive watches and buys expensive cars living a life of seemingly no consequence. Season 6 is poo connecting with the fan.

    Skylar talks to Walt about the 'devil being in the detail' as she begrudgingly helps him stay away from legal troubles with his crimes. Walt's pride and arrogance come back with the book Leaves of Grass which Hank connects to Walt being 'Heisenberg'.

    Hank and Jessie in a way, become a team. They were sworn enemies in seasons 2-5, but by season 6, they realise they have a common enemy in Walt and they see in each other, that they have strong morals, even if they don't say this.

    Breaking Bad had a very sad ending, very open ended- Will Skylar and Flynn get that cash? Was Walt's crimes all for nothing? There is however, a very happy ending in contrast as Jessie escapes his Neo Nazis captures and drives away crying and laughing with his new found
  2. blondguy
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    13 October 2016 in reply to Bob Norton

    Hey Bob

    Welcome to the forums. Breaking Bad (BB) is one of the best. Very well written by Vince Gillian and well acted by an excellent team of professionals. The community of Albuquerque in New Mexico also embraced the cast & crew as well. Interesting post Bob

    my best


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