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Forums / BB Social Zone / One happier time of your life?

Topic: One happier time of your life?

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  1. Febry
    Febry avatar
    20 posts
    17 October 2016

    Hi everyone,

    I just don't really feel like doing hw and other school bs, so I thought why not just enlighten myself by talking about my happier time and maybe read about one or a couple of your happier time?

    haha, anyway, I'll start mine.

    When I was younger, very young, I lived in an unknown- very small village in Indonesia. One particular night, the family was gathering in a room (like a launch room sort of thing, idk, village house was kinda small and different) with a candle in the centre because the lights were out. The door was open because it was hot in the room and I was just playing with my cousin on one side of the room, until this bat just landed on me, from nowhere. I was screaming like mad and I practically run around the house like a mad bull. But, the bat, chased me.......... only me........ everyone was laughing at me. ;_;


    hahaha, anyway, my grandpa ended up shoo-ing the bat out of the house and it's all happy-ever-after I was given some rice and food to compensate for some 'damage' xD attained during the escape from the bat. XD

    The end. :D

    Well, that was one of my happier time.

    Thank you for reading it even though it's so dry and cringe haha, but feel free to post yours. :) xD ^^

    Warm Regards,



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  2. Guest_322
    Guest_322 avatar
    1660 posts
    17 October 2016 in reply to Febry

    Hi Febry,

    Welcome to the Social Zone!

    Awesome thread btw.

    Great story! That bat certainly gave you a hard time. It probably wasn't funny for you at the time but in hindsight....😉

    Happier time for me? Probably the Autumn/Winter uni holidays this year (for obvious reasons).

    Dottie x

  3. Febry
    Febry avatar
    20 posts
    18 October 2016 in reply to Guest_322

    Hi Dottie,

    XD XD hahaha must be a good time huh? ;) :)

    Uni sounds so stressful. So a nice break is always appreciated. hehehe



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