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Forums / Multicultural experiences / Move on or stay?

Topic: Move on or stay?

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  1. ayylmao
    ayylmao  avatar
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    21 April 2019
    Hey everyone. I would like some opinions on what whether I should move on with life or stay with my culture. So I have been living in Australia for a good few years. The culture is different here, the accent the slang etc. Etc. It was only at the start of this year, that i have really started to appreciate the culture here, the opportunity here and just how people do things here. Thinking back a few years ago, I always felt left out and disadvantaged because of language barriers and culture barriers. Its hard for me to get a good job, keep friends etc. I thought that it was cuz of my skin color, my name, accent etc. I don't what it is. Im starting to think that my background is whats holding me back in life. I don't know anymore.
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  2. Peppermintbach
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    21 April 2019 in reply to ayylmao

    Hi ayylmao,

    Good on your for posting here and I hope it’s okay for me to extend a very warm welcome to you here :)

    It sounds like you have been through a lot since moving to Australia. It must have been quite the change/adjustment, and that you understandably faced a number of challenges. I think moving to another country, especially if it is culturally very different to what you are used to can be quite an emotional process...

    I’m the daughter of migrants, and I have witnessed the struggles (as well as the triumphs) that my parents and extended family have faced as they tried to find their place in Australia. There’s a lot to process, get used to, understand and learn, especially when most of them spoke very limited English when they first arrived.

    Over time, they have gradually found their place/their rhythm, and typically that has been(is) a combination of both preserving some of their cultural practices from overseas as well as incorporating some cultural practices that are common here in Australia. It wasn’t so much a case of “picking” only one or another in their case...

    Granted, I don’t believe there’s only one way to adapt to/transition to life in Australia. I think the experience and process varies between individuals. It sounds like you’re still processing a lot of things at the moment...

    You sound conflicted, and I’m glad you’re letting out some of your troubles here. We would love to get to know you more, and help support you.

    Would you like to tell us how things have been since your first post/a little more about yourself? There’s no pressure of course...only if and when you feel up to it.

    Kind and caring thoughts,


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  3. White Rose
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    21 April 2019 in reply to ayylmao

    Dear Ayylmao

    Welcome to the forum and to Australia. I was born in the UK before emigrating to Australia and you would think it was an easy transition. No, not really. I found the Australian way of life very different to what I was used to. It took me many years to finally realise I do indeed call Australia home. At first I was lonely and desperately wanted to 'go home'. The weather was one aspect I found difficult. Far too hot for me.

    I brought some of my customs here and they are still part of my life and also part of my children's lives although they were born in Australia. In other areas I am happy to adopt Australian ways of life. It all depends on what makes you comfortable. Australia is a country of many diverse customs and ways of living, not necessarily because of its immigrant population. Respect and courtesy are the important things. I think this applies in all cultures and will serve you well.

    Language is a huge barrier and it seems you have mastered this. Congratulations. Do you have family here? How do they feel about Australia? I would never suggest you get rid of your culture because it is important to you and is part of what you are. Add the bits you find good here and perhaps allow some of your upbringing to fade a little. I think you will fit in very well, that is if you have not already done so.

    Sadly there is some discrimination but you will not necessarily experience this. We are getting better at recognising a person's skill and attributes rather than looking at skin colour, etc. Join in as much as you can and I think you will be a happy 'blended' person.


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