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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Being Gay and trapped in Religion.

Topic: Being Gay and trapped in Religion.

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  1. Jack2840
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    22 August 2020

    Hey All.
    well this is a new and daunting step for me. My name is Jack and I live in far western NSW. I was bought up in a Catholic household. Attended Catholic schooling and went to single sex schools.

    I had and have nothing but good thoughts about my faith. I do honestly believe in something and have just cut out “the institution” of church because honestly, their negativity against the community is unnecessary.

    so it’s between God and I. I can still attend mass and feel good.

    I do however, still feel there is a block in me to complete self acceptance. To truly believe that I am ok and loveable. I guess that little voice in my head is still there and the feeling of guilt or shame is still there because the church still preaches that it’s wrong.

    why is this an issue, well because I cut myself off from people, I’m terrified people will k ow and so I still “hide” in plain sight.

    many of my gay friends tell me to give up religion and walk away because it’s evil and hate fuelling etc and I get how they have that feeling but I don’t see or feel that

    so that leaves me on my own not connected to the gay community hiding in the catholic one

    I’ve spoken to Psychologists etc but no one really knows how to move forward

    does anyone know of any churches I can follow or be a part of?
    resources I can read

    I am lonely and alone and I don’t know how to move forward

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  2. ecomama
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    22 August 2020 in reply to Jack2840

    Dear Jack2840

    A huge warm welcome to the BB forums and I really hope you feel safe and supported here.

    I want you to know that whatever any ONE or any Church says ever, YOU are valued and LOVED.

    I also have faith but am not Catholic. I am not gay but wanted to extend a warm welcome to you and give you some ideas...

    I wonder if you've watched the Fab 5 - Queer Eye series on Netflix?
    It's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous as those guys are too.
    They grapple with the upsetting notions that Churches preach they are not accepted as Christians because they are gay.
    They support other Christian gay men in their own journeys of self acceptance and it's truly heartbreaking to watch this as the Fab 5 also share their own struggles with faith and being gay.

    There ARE Churches who wholly accept gay, lesbian and all people. There was a Gay Christian Choir in one episode! Look it up! There may be links for you to follow up on.

    EVERY person is valued.
    God / Jesus values you.
    I value you.

    Now it's time for you to value yourself and truly accept yourself also.

    I know that Father Rod Bower is an outspoken Reverend and has been on TV ALOT advocating for ALL people to be included and welcomed in to Churches. He has a FB page and yeah he advocated for my family a few times too in other matters. He's pretty awesome.

    Please stay and look around the BB website for support.
    The Wellbeing threads here are great for some online company.

    Our journeys may not be easy when we make the decision to live as who we authentically are, but life is wonderful when we pave the way ourselves.

    Love EM

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