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Topic: Starting help

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  1. MasonVR
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    1 posts
    1 September 2019

    Hi all,

    been really struggling with myself the past 2 years or so. Genuinely that scared of seeing someone for help but its been that tough lately something has to happen. sometimes lifes a bit much and i dont know how ill get theough life. The constant lack of motivation and daily anxiety has been bloody hard, however im scared of seeing a gp about my struggles. I dont know how to approach this as ive got noone to talk to about these issues. how do i approach this?


  2. AuroralNebula
    AuroralNebula avatar
    8 posts
    1 September 2019 in reply to MasonVR

    Hey MasonVR!

    Welcome is what I should start with I suppose.
    I think it's great you're seeking help for the issues you're having really do hope you can work through them, coming out with the best result you can. I do feel you on many issues you've said, as do many others here, being anxious and unsure what you'll say or how you'll say them is completely understandable and seems to be a normal thing from what I've seen.

    Infact, I find myself in a similar situation about being nervous currently. There seems to be a lot of material and other peoples posts to read regarding questions related to everything you're thinking and feeling, Aught have a read though some. I found them useful for the most part, mostly exactly the questions you're asking right now and what I was thinking.

    In general, I've found most basically say think about everything that is bothering you or how you're feeling, so you can best explain the situation to the GP you'll go see. If you think you might not be able to, perhaps take someone you trust or can freely express these things with you. Unfortunate that you've had no one to talk about everything, I completely understand this part.
    So afraid you don't know what to say or how to even express these thoughts into words. There are many great people here that have already been through this and I considered asking them, But at the end of the day, everyone is different and reacts differently along with so many reasons they're seeking help.

    Sorry if you didn't get or hear what you wanted, my thoughts are so far out of reach to me just the same as you right now, but am hopeful you'll find help with planning what you need to inform your GP of.

    I'm sure someone will offer some advice that has been here and hey! maybe I'll gleam a little insight at the same time eh ?

  3. Croix
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    10373 posts
    1 September 2019 in reply to MasonVR

    Dear MasonVR~

    Welcome here. A good move to come here, you can certainly talk to us, we will listen and understand.

    I too have been afraid to talk wiht a doctor, or a psych. I've been fearful of being judged, that I will not be understood, of not being able to explain things clearly face to face or chicken out on the hard parts. Also a matter of pride too I guess. So I kept on putting it off.

    This simply allowed things to get worse. There was no way I could fix myself, it was all downhill over time. No motivation, no ability, anger and withdrawal. Hopelessness.

    One solution which I used was to take a couple of days and write down in point form all that was happening to me and how I felt. I had the time to get everything just right, and was able to include matters I'd not want to talk about face to face. I then phoned for a long appointment and when it came handed over the paper.

    It worked well. I just ended up answering questions amplifying what I'd written. The doctor was pleased not having to fish for answers or miss something. All was good, I was diagnosed and treatment was made that suited my problems, which included anxiety conditions.

    I've improved out of sight.

    Do you think this is something you might do? You have made the hardest step already by coming here writing things down, the next step is not as bad as you will think. Anxiety builds things up out of all proportion. The real even comes at least partly as a relief.

    Would you like to come back and talk some more? We will understand exactly


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