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Topic: Advice for dealing with depression

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  1. Loolee111
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    11 May 2019


    I have suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. It comes in waves. I’m not coping well right now. I’m still able to put on a smiling face at work but the weeks are exhausting. I collapse on the weekends and struggle to get out of bed. I have cut myself off from everyone. I have no social life, no friends and avoid family. I can’t seem to deal with any interaction. I feel like it is all coming to a head and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a good GP and I’m reluctant to take medication again because it’s a short term solution.

    Any suggestions would be very welcomed.


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  2. Peppermintbach
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    13 May 2019 in reply to Loolee111

    Hi Loolee,

    I really feel for you, and aspects of your post, I felt that I understood and could relate to...

    It sounds like you’re really struggling at the moment. You sound drained and, as you said, exhausted...I feel for you...I understand, as do so many others here, about the professional front that we put on at work.

    I wonder if you withdraw from your friends and collapse on the weekend, because you’ve used all your energy to pretend you’re fine at work. So anything more, weekends and socialising, seeing friends, is beyond your emotional upper limit (because you’ve already used it up during the week)? I’m not sure if that resonates, but I thought that I still would mention it...

    As for suggestions, I wonder if you might like to explore the “find a professional” link on the BeyondBlue website, as you mentioned dissatisfaction with you current GP. Also, another gentle suggestion that I would give is you might be interested in browsing a BeyondBlue thread titled Self Help Tips for Managing Depression. If you’re interested, I think the easiest way to find it is probably just to type the title in the BeyondBlue search bar.

    I hope this gives you a couple of ideas. I don’t know if you’ll find them helpful or not, but I wanted to share anyway :)

    It goes without saying that you’re welcome to write here any time. There’s no rush or pressure of course, but the option to share and chat is always here...

    Kind and caring thoughts,


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