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Forums / Welcome and orientation / I’m so lost and unsure where I fit in anymore.

Topic: I’m so lost and unsure where I fit in anymore.

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  1. Mino34
    Mino34 avatar
    4 posts
    6 August 2019

    I need help! I don’t know how to not feel lost all the time. I’m a deep thinker and have recently lost my dad. Who just so happened to be my best friend. The one who got me in this world. The only one who thought like me. I’m married to an amazing husband, but he doesn’t understand how I feel. He tries really hard to help me, but doesn’t get it.

    i have a chronic illness which I’m still trying to learn how to live with, which is fibromyalgia. I’m just been getting back to work after I didn’t work for about a year.

    My life just feels like I’m not going anywhere. I walk around in a daze! I feel like everyone else has a purpose except me. I’m now a part time career for my mum, and she can be very demanding of my time.

    I don’t sleep well, I’m fatigued a lot. I walk everyday if my body lets me and still don’t feel good about me!

    Im just not sure if im meant to be here anymore. I just feel sad, hopelessness, worried, happy, loved, alone, lonely. I cry a lot but only on my own. Cause there is no one left that understands me in this world anymore.

    Im losing friends left right and centre. I can’t commit to anything. Not even going to the movies with my husband. I just... I just don’t know anymore??????? I’m so lost!

  2. Willo123
    Willo123 avatar
    10 posts
    6 August 2019 in reply to Mino34

    Hi mino34

    im sorry to hear about your dad.

    I really get where your coming from I’m going through something very similar at the moment. I struggle to be happy or see how I fit in this world anymore. Sometimes the mental pain gets so much you feel like you need to inflict some other kind to talk your brain away from the mental pain. ( colluded never do that to anyone just what my brain always tells me)

    Iv struggled for a few years now and the only way I found help was talking to people who understand what you’re going through. My partner also tries but doesn’t fully understand.

    Have you seen someone a professional about how your feeling? They could proscribe you with something to help you relax and your brain take a break. Like my antidepressants do for me.

    Always here if you need to talk!

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  3. Mino34
    Mino34 avatar
    4 posts
    6 August 2019 in reply to Willo123

    Hi Willo123.

    thanks for the reply. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this.(as nice as it can be) I’m on antidepressants already and had my dosage upped. They had been doing quiet a lot for me, but now it feels like what u said. Not sure where I fit. I have spoken to professionals on and off over my life and I just don’t want to this time cause I just can’t explain how the days feel. It’s like I’m walking around in slow motion and everything else is rushing past. Everyone has somewhere to be except me. Sorry feel like I’m just going over and over the same stuff. I just find it really hard to explain.

    thanks for listening x

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