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Forums / Welcome and orientation / New Member. Introduction.

Topic: New Member. Introduction.

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  1. MotoGPFan
    MotoGPFan avatar
    3 posts
    11 August 2019

    Hello all,

    Been reading through your Forum and you all seem like a great bunch. Never been a big fan of opening up, nor 'bothering' others with my issues, though I think this is probably the right time.

    28 year old Male. Happy, loving guy. Have had a more than excellent life so far, great friends, perfect family, awesome adventures. Although 2.5 months ago I had my first ever panic attack come out of no where, which was followed by another 2 weeks later whilst driving. I had been living overseas for on and off 4 years travelling, having the time of my life, meeting the love of my life. (Whom which I have just recently bought an engagement ring for) I've always been a bit of a worrier, but this has NEVER stopped me doing anything, nor have I thought of it anymore than just good old natural worries.

    These past 2 months with Anxiety have been pretty debilitating. I can't drive a car by myself, and am not totally 100% when driving with someone. Public places are a struggle. Just basic activities that I'd do without thinking, have now become a total struggle.

    I've been home for 1 month now. The whole thing is frustrating me more than anything. I want to get on with what plans I had 2.5 months ago. I still can't work up the courage to apply for jobs, seeing as though I'm not comfortable in any situation bar a familiar one, nor can I drive.

    I've had one session with a counselor though I'm not sure if I click with this one. I understand that they have a difficult job, though I feel as though they are focusing on something that I feel isn't, and has never been an issue or a worry for me; my future.

    Not after any answers. Just thought I'd put the feelers out and say hello.

    To be honest, I've never even thought of mental health, not once. Not in a good, nor bad way, just never crossed my mind. Boy has this perception changed.

    Thanks a tone for listening, and I wish everyone else the best!

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  2. white knight
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    white knight avatar
    9744 posts
    12 August 2019 in reply to MotoGPFan

    Hi and welcome

    I thought a couple of threads could be of interest. Just Google them and read the first post of each.

    Beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

    Beyondblue topic worry worry worry


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  3. Swan.13
    Student Mentor
    • Masters of Psychology student on placement
    Swan.13 avatar
    65 posts
    14 August 2019 in reply to MotoGPFan

    Hi MotoGPFan,

    I’m glad you decided to finally post after reading through the different threads. While opening up is hard, it often feels like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders after we do so. No one should have to bottle up their emotions and deal with them alone.

    It sounds like the past few months have been really tough for you. It must have been scary to experience those panic attacks given that you’ve had no history of them and you really weren’t expecting them. It seems like, for whatever reason, your mind is interpreting the world as a dangerous place right now, so it makes sense that you’re struggling in public places.

    I often hear that people don’t click with their counsellors the first time. Everyone’s different and it might take a couple of tries to find someone that works for you. It doesn’t hurt to mention that you would rather focus on something else (other than your future) during sessions :)

    Also, congrats on buying the engagement ring… even though you’re going through a tough time right now it sounds like there’s something to look forward to! Sending lots of hope your way!

  4. Rock-Me-Hard Place
    Rock-Me-Hard Place avatar
    6 posts
    16 August 2019 in reply to Swan.13

    Best of luck MotoGP, it can be very scary the first couple of time around.

    Swan13: "No one should have to bottle up their emotions and deal with them alone" but how do you share emotions, when in fact you can't define what that emotion is?

    My wife doesn't understand, because I can't define just what I'm feeling regarding anxiety issues, and so I don't prompt conversation about it, rather, hide it where possible.

    I just say something like "I'm not having a good day today".

  5. MotoGPFan
    MotoGPFan avatar
    3 posts
    22 August 2019 in reply to Swan.13

    Swan. 13, thanks for the kind words. Going onto my fourth session coming up and I feel like I'm making a little progress. I'm a proactive guy who needs to do things to see results, even if it means slightly pushing myself into uncomfortable situations. Have my off days here and there, but looking forward to seeing more improvements so I can get on with life and start working to save for that 'possible' big day.

    Rock-Me-Hard-Place, you're not wrong there. I hardly know what to say to my councilor let alone my partner. I find myself speaking to her and my family about it all, but I just can't explain exactly what I'm thinking, or why I'm finding it so difficult to do these once everyday tasks. I find myself getting frustrated when I get asked to go somewhere/do something, when there's nothing I'd love more than to do those things. Though I just can't.

    I feel you. I feel their frustration as well.

    Thanks all for the response. Much appreciated.

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