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Topic: New member introduction

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. MelissaPG
    MelissaPG avatar
    1 posts
    8 July 2019

    Good morning,

    I am new to Forum's, thanks for having me 😊.

    About me...

    I am a 48 year old woman living in Central West NSW. I am married & have 3 children ranging from 9 to 14 years of age.

    I have suffered since my late teens with Depression but wasn't diagnosed until 1995.

    I have had a few major traumatic experiences over the years, lost our little boy who lived just 9 hours in 2006. A bad experience with family after my daughter was born in 2010.

    And finally my mum became critically I'll in 2017 the same day we handed back a foster child (after being bullied by the company supporting us.. sure) then 3 days later my mum passed away.

    I have come a long way in my healing but have been sad for so long I don't know how to be happy.

    Thanks for reading 💜

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  2. Kiki207
    Kiki207 avatar
    30 posts
    8 July 2019 in reply to MelissaPG

    Hi Melissa,

    Welcome to the forums!

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. While it is healthy to grieve and miss your mother and son dearly, try not to let it consume you. Try and find activities for you to do with your family or alone if you wish to bring happiness. These can range from long holidays in paradise to a simple walk in the park.

    If you just need someone to talk to, you can call 1300 22 4636 anytime or chat on the website from 3pm till midnight.

    Remember that you are loved, and your mother and son were too. Stay well Melissa.



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  3. Birdy77
    Valued Contributor
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    Birdy77 avatar
    2299 posts
    12 July 2019 in reply to MelissaPG
    Dear Melissa (and hello to Kiki),

    I am deeply sorry for the devastating loss of your son and for the passing of your mum. They say there is no time limit to grief, and it is ok to still feel sad about these big losses in your life.

    I am so sorry to hear of the bad experience you had with the fostering - you are a special person to have opened your home to a child in need. You will have made a positive difference in that young person's life, and the company can't take that away.

    That ongoing feeling if sadness can feel heavy sometimes can't it. I'm glad that you've come here to the forums. You can unload some of your burdens and some of that heaviness here. If you feel like joining in on any discussions, you are so welcome. Or if you'd like to just vent or talk through your feelings here in this space, you will always be listened to and met with understanding.

    You are amongst friends.

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  4. Peppermintbach
    Valued Contributor
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    Peppermintbach avatar
    4566 posts
    12 July 2019 in reply to MelissaPG

    Hi Melissa (& a wave to Kiki & birdy),

    I hope it’s okay if I given you a very gentle welcome. I’m glad Kiki & birdy have written in with such compassionate & supportive posts. It’s good that you have their gorgeous support.

    I also wanted to express my condolences for your losses. I can only imagine the heartbreak at not ever being able to see your little boy grow up. That pain must be so heavy. I’m also very sorry about your mum as well. You’ve had 2 major losses & that is an enormous weight to carry in your heart...

    Being forced out of caring for your foster child must have been absolutely heart wrenching. I feel that’s a loss too, but in a different way. The devastation of having to part ways with someone that you cared for and bonded with...

    But as birdy said, at least you were able to give him/her love, stability & guidance for a little while that s/he may have never experienced before. I know that doesn’t lessen your heartbreak though, but you were able to give a precious gift to that child: love. That’s something s/he will always with them, no matter where they are.

    On top of all that, you’ve had so many other challenges that include your depression (plus probably other curveballs that life throws us). I feel you’re a very resilient and compassionate person.

    I feel sad to hear about your ongoing sadness, but all things considered, I also understand it to some extent. While I know we can’t make your sadness dissipate or lessen your grief, just know that there’s a lot of caring & understanding here :)

    Kindness & warmth,


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