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Topic: Derealisation

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. thehiss
    thehiss avatar
    16 posts
    27 January 2021
    I have been experiencing derealisation for over ten years straight day after day. I feel like I'm in a dream, everything is 2D, fake and like I am separated from the rest of the world by an invisible wall . Quite often if I put my hand out to touch an object, I expect my hand to go straight through it. I have mentioned it to my doctors and psychologists over the years and they keep saying I'm experiencing this due to the fact that I am always so anxious. Does anyone else experience this?
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  2. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    14352 posts
    1 February 2021 in reply to thehiss

    Hello thehiss

    It sounds very unusual. Does it happen for just a few minutes or long ger periods.

    Does it annoy you or are you curious. Do you want it to stop? Do you have an idea why it happens.

    I experience that but only when dream when I am asleep and it is so vivid I think I am awake.

    I am keen to see if others have a similar experience.

  3. Spl spl
    Spl spl avatar
    61 posts
    12 March 2021 in reply to thehiss

    Hi thehiss,

    I hope you are well and I hope that you can find a doctor/psychologist that understands you soon. Sometimes I think anxiety can be a bit of a cop-out answer a lot of professionals can give honestly. You know what you experience in the world. Please don't give up on finding someone.

    In the meantime, have you done a grounding box before? There are many really good videos on youtube on how to make one. It's a box where you put a lot of different things that ground you in reality more. So for instance, the smell of citrus can really bring you back to the present (I use lemon and ginger tea bags) making one can be really fun and calming too, it helps me a lot

    Another thing that might help is getting enough sleep at night. It sounds super obvious, sorry, but just waking up earlier in the day and such (if you are not doing already), getting enough hours in, that can make a big difference in just how clear your mind feels.

    And last... if there is something in your life that is causing extreme stress or panic or depression - tackling that core problem really can make a big difference. I'm just speaking from my own background though (my symptoms are more intermittent and crop up if I get too overwhelmed). So if there's something that you're escaping that's been there for 10 years, I hope you can find a way to get yourself out of that situation, or move forward, whatever you need. Even if it feels normal the tiniest change in the right place can help- like not using music in earphones to block out the world, that kind of thing.

    I wish you all the best, and I'm sorry you feel like this because it's kinda another plane of hell honestly- still even though the world feels fake the happiness and love in it isn't. That's the first thing that became real for me and I hope it can become real for you too soon, or even just understood. Take care.

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  4. brossy
    brossy avatar
    1 posts
    12 March 2021

    I have also been experiencing some form of dissociation/autopilot since high school. It is such a scary though, as if it will last forever. I think it is really important to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! It can be very isolating, and it is definitely not talked about enough. Whenever I try to describe the feeling to others, even doctors, I feel as if it doesn't really click for them. I have described it as though there is a veil between my conscious mind and the world. It feels like I wake up, autopilot through the day, and then go to bed. My partner has said that I must've had "different expectations" of what adult life would be like.

    I would love some advice too on how to stop this, because I often feel like I cannot/don't want to go on like this. What is the point if it feels like this? As others have said, dissociation often stems from trauma because our brains are shielding us from a certain pain. This is a bit more comforting to know.

    You are normal! But I do challenge you to seek counselling, and through counselling/psychology, you may find that you have some deep fear or trauma that you have been hiding from. Mine is a fear of death that started as a young person.

    Wishing everyone who finds this the best of luck, and I know what you're feeling.

  5. Sophie_M
    Community Moderator
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    Sophie_M avatar
    6625 posts
    12 March 2021 in reply to brossy

    Hi brossy, welcome to the Beyond Blue forums! thank-you for sharing your story here and reminding thehiss and other members that they're not alone in their experience of dissociation.

    We're sorry to hear about your experiences of dissociation and how difficult this can be to express to doctors and other professions. We hope our members here are able to provide some support and advice on what helps them to overcome moments of dissociation. We have information on our website about anxiety and how to manage its symptoms ( some people who experience anxiety also experience dissociation) which you might find useful:

    If you feel that it would be beneficial to you to talk through your feelings with a counsellor, please, contact the Beyond Blue Support Service anytime on 1300 22 4636 or get in touch with us on Webchat 3pm-12am AEST here:
    One of the friendly counsellors can offer you some short-term support but also provide you with advice and referrals for seeing a counsellor in a more ongoing way if that's something you feel might be helpful to you.

    We welcome you to begin your own thread and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and experiences with our forum community!

  6. Just a dude chillen.
    Just a dude chillen.  avatar
    1 posts
    30 September 2021

    I read a lot of this forum when I first got derealisation. Very strange and very panicky feeling.. and what’s weirder about this mental state, it seems to induce a lot of health anxiety. Fear of death and what not. Like you might have a terminal illness? Symptoms are different for everyone, but I’m sure most will agree. I got mine from smoking weed. Came on 2 weeks after a bad panic attack. Was a weird 2 weeks leading into it. I had a loooooot of panic and anxiety from it. Sleeping my days away, hoping that when I wake up, I’m cured. Jumping into freezing cold water and pushing my body beyond its limits in hopes it’ll flip the switch to turn the feeling off.

    one thing that really helped me was getting rid of the brain fog.. the brain fog that comes with it isn’t permanent. Once you clear that, derealisation is really just a visual thing that happens when you’re stressed, not well or endure too much weird lighting.

    there are many ways to clear brain fog which can be found on the internet, but the one that reaaaally worked for me.. a shot of apple cider vinegar a day. Horrible stuff, but works a treat. Now everything I do doesn’t feel like I imagined it and my memory is back and just fine.. my life is basically normal again. If anything. I’ve kinda warmed up to this feeling. It’s definitely given me some wisdom and has helped me through some stuff. Don’t try run from this feeling. Get to understand it. Persevere with it and in the end, it’s not even there.

    but most importantly, stand clear of whatever caused it or anything that’s similar to what caused it.

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