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Topic: I feel empty..

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  1. datesyrup05
    datesyrup05 avatar
    1 posts
    28 March 2020
    Hi, this is date syrup

    i wonder if other people my age can relate but i used to be so curious and inspired by everything around me to the point of becoming a whole other person after coming to australia, however, certain family problems have caused my feeling to be a roller coaster of ups and downs and constant breakdowns, so much so i began to drift away from what i like doing and now i just feel like...
    a person behind the screen that is my eyes, writing this from far away. family problems dont feel like anything, hobbies dont feel like anything, the people i like talking to leave me feeling nothing, even getting hit doesn't make me feel anything anymore. the only thing i still worry about is my school homework but even that is minimal. my taste in music changed dramatically in a short period of type. i want to do the things i like but when i do, i dont feel the same hype as before.

    i hate staying at home with my family, it's so suffocating but i guess i'll have to endure until the virus passes.

    i dont know what to do with myself.
    Thanks for listening to my ranting, feel free to read or ignore.
  2. continuousventer
    continuousventer avatar
    63 posts
    29 March 2020 in reply to datesyrup05
    hi date syrup,

    I agree the home can take up most of your attention,especially when they don't seem to understand us or have their own best interests at heart

    I really hope this COVID-19 outbreak gets better because the place that I hate the most is my home. I can't concentrate on study because of home problems. I feel trapped.

    I also feel empty too. This doesn't really help much, but I just wanted you to feel less alone
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  3. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    therising avatar
    2840 posts
    31 March 2020 in reply to datesyrup05

    Hi ds

    I feel for you so much as you face this incredibly challenging time in your life.

    It's especially worrying to hear you mention 'even getting hit doesn't make me feel anything anymore'. Are you in a situation of abuse?

    Does it feel like there are more things bringing you down, compared to the amount of things that could be raising you? How do you think life would feel if suddenly someone showed up and said I'm going to take you on a set of adventures (after this virus business) where everything is new and you get to know yourself in a whole new way? Do you think it would feel like when you first came to Australia? If you could imagine facing the challenges that come with courage and the pure joy that comes with a constant rise to excitement, how do you think you'd cope with this new version of yourself?

    From personal experience, I believe one of the hardest things to do in life is be that person who takes us on such adventures. Often, we come to rely on others to take us to new physical, mental and emotional destinations. To do it for our self when where not exactly sure how to plan such a life can definitely leave us feeling pretty lost. How do we start? How do we find direction and courage? How do we raise our self when we've spent our life relying on others to raise us?

    I believe the first and most important question that we can ask our self is not 'What do I want to do?' but rather 'Who do I want to be?' Of course, who we want to be can be influenced by the amount of independence we have, especially financially, although it costs nothing to begin planning our way toward our goals, toward that self we can feel so incredibly desperate to become.

    At 49, I look around and note the many people in life who have lost inspiration for adventure. When greater responsibilities gradually take the place of inspiration, things can become pretty depressing. The little excitements or hobbies just don't cut it anymore. There can be a need for something so much bigger, to bring us to life again.

    So, I ask you 2 questions that I am actually asking myself right now 'Who do you want to be?' and 'How are you going to plan becoming this person?' For me, I'm going to remember myself as someone who adds ventures (an adventurer) who will let no one bring me down and I'm going to begin planning through pure imagination as soon as I finish writing to you. Re-membering our self after we've been dis-membered from our natural inspirational self is a challenge.

    Take care :)

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