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Forums / Young people / I shouldn’t feel bad but I do

Topic: I shouldn’t feel bad but I do

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  1. Xanderpanda
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    29 December 2020
    Hey guys, my names Xander. I didn’t really know what to do so figured I’d just post and see what happens. I’m 14 and live an amazing life in Victoria, a live in an amazing house and go to a prestigious private school. But I find I’m sad all the time, I just find myself crying. And I shouldn’t. I have a great life where my biggest issue is who kissed who at a party. I have been diagnosed whit anxiety but it doesn’t feel like that, at least a couple times a day I feel sad and just want to go back to sleep and do nothing. It sucks and I hate it. That’s all I really have to say. I don’t expect anyone to respond to this but whatever. At least I could rant
  2. Sophie_M
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    29 December 2020 in reply to Xanderpanda
    Hey Xanderpanda, welcome to the Beyond Blue forums. 

    We're so sorry to hear how low you've been feeling and can imagine how challenging these feelings would make everyday life. You've mentioned a diagnosis of anxiety but feel as though this might not be what you are experiencing. Perhaps you could explore our website for more information on anxiety. It has a lot of resources explaining what anxiety is as well as how to cope with it. You might also like to complete the Anxiety and depression checklist (K10). It is a measure of distress commonly used by Australian GPs and mental health professionals to determine what level of support you may require. You might also find it useful to visit the Reach Out website. They have a number of resources targeted at young people like yourself, including: Please feel free to reach out here on your thread and keep us updated on what you're feeling and experiencing whenever you feel up to it.

  3. Croix
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    10561 posts
    1 January 2021 in reply to Xanderpanda

    Dear Xanderpanda

    I'd like to join Sophie_M in welcoming you here to the support forum. I'm sad to hear you are sad but know many people here, of your age, younger and older, have gone though the same thing and come out OK. There have been times when I've been sad for weeks and could not say why or what to do about it.

    Living in a great home, going to a good school and having no obvious hassles is not realy relevant -though you might think it was. Seems silly doesn't it? Sadly anxiety, and depression too, takes no notice of such things. I thought my life was all one could want, did not help.

    Before we go further may I ask how you get on with your family, for instance do you parents pressure you to do well, or give you a hard time in other ways, do you have brother or sisters that make things difficult or others at school who do?

    I'm not sure there is an instant answer where you can say "That's the trouble", it is more a question of getting help and your anxiety -plus any other conditions - under control and made better. Then the sadness will stop by itself. I got absolutely nowhere without the correct professional help. Then things improved.

    Can I ask if you are being treated for aniety ATM? If so I guess you need to go and tell them it's not working and think again, maybe see if you have depression too as Sophie mentions. If you are not being treated see if your parents will book you a long consultation with your GP and say exactly how you have been feeling. Your parents can be asked to wait outside, it is your appointment.

    Kids Help Line (phone or chat) on1800 55 1800 or

    would be a good place to talk things over and get some advice, they can be a real comfort and know what they are talking about.

    Sophie's recommendations above are particularity good in Reach Out too. and their Forum is OK.

    Do you have to face all of this alone? Is there anyone you can just talk with and get care and a shoulder to lean on. Isolation simply makes things worse. Could you talk to your mum do you think?

    I hope to hear from you again XP


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