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Topic: not horrible not pleasant either

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  1. Cassandra25
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    2 posts
    23 May 2019

    Hey, so I'm new to this I'm in year 12 and life is just all sorts of anxiety and stress, one of my friends suggested this website as she used it and said it helped her a lot so I guess here goes. so I cant talk to any guys if they want anything more then friends even if I like them, I get so anxious to the point I'm pacing up and down my bedroom at 5am cause I've woken up and cant get back to sleep, I find myself in the toilet all the time because I feel like I'm going to throw up, I try my best to distract myself so I can talk to the guy but it doesn't work, its really frustrating and I don't understand what's wrong I know its anxiety but I just don't understand why its happening every time even if its a guy I know extremely well I cant, I've had to end a few things with guys because I cant handle it I get that sick, many people have told me its because I'm not comfortable with the guy but its not that because I've been extremely comfortable with someone and then as soon as I'm out of the friendzone It starts I get anxious, I start crying, I get the shakes, I cant eat, I cant talk to any guy for longer then 2 weeks I get to sick I seriously don't know what to do, once I've ended it though everything just goes away in a second and I'm fine again.

  2. Croix
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    25 May 2019 in reply to Cassandra25

    Dear Cassandra25~

    Welcome here to the forum, I read your other post talking to Risingangel and think the whole question of relationships, maybe with either sex, is a pretty hard one to deal with.

    When you think about it forming a serious relationship, not just a few days, is where you take a big risk, giving affection and dependence to another human being, and needing those feelings to be returned. If they are not you feel really terrible.

    All the symptoms you talk about could be caused by anxiety, I'm no doctor so am guessing. Can I suggest you go see a GP and in an extended conversation explain waht is happening? There is no need for you to suffer like this long term.

    I would think your reactions would be obvious enough for your parents to notice, can you talk about this with them, or another family member? It can help to have understanding people around.

    There are a couple of good places to web-chat or talk

    Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800)

    or Headspace

    Both have people - professionals- who are experienced and can be a real comfort.

    I guess you, like most of us, need a relationship in your life, and with a bit of a hand from places like these you will get there


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