SenseAbility resources

SenseAbility delivery toolkit

This toolkit explains the SenseAbility program in detail and helps teachers to integrate it into their school.

SenseAbility lesson plans

These lesson plans have been developed for teachers to help them deliver the SenseAbility program in their classroom. There are three plans included in the package, one on stress, one on body image and one on bullying.

The lesson plans include activities, teaching suggestions and identify links to the SenseAbility modules.

Mapping the Essential Skills module against the Australian curriculum

This resource has been developed to support teacher delivery of the SenseAbility program. 

It aims to identify how the SenseAbility Essential Skills module fits within the new Australian curriculum framework, making it easier for school leaders and staff to deliver and assess the SenseAbility program. Learn how activities in the Essential Skills module address the draft Personal and social capability outcomes.

SenseAbility evaluation toolkit

Once you've introduced SenseAbility in your school, it's important to reflect on the program's effectiveness - what's working well and any areas for improvement. Evaluating SenseAbility in your school also enables you to demonstrate its success and share positive outcomes.

Additional resources 

Essential Skills captioned DVD

A captioned DVD is now available for the deaf and hearing impaired. Email us your name and address to request a free copy.

Sample letter for parents

Download a sample newsletter to send to parents about the introduction of SenseAbility into your school community.

Professional reading and references

Explore further reading and references associated with the development of SenseAbility.

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If you have further questions about SenseAbility, implementation or delivery, please contact our Education Projects Manager on 03 9810 6100 or send us an email.

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