Check your mental health

Everyone’s mental health journey is different. We all experience ups and downs, so it’s important to do regular check ins.

We have some simple tools to help you assess your mental health. You can choose the one that’s right for you and get the resources and support you may need.


Anxiety and Depression Test (K10)

  • Answer 10 questions about how you've been feeling over the past 4 weeks.
  • Your answers help us measure your level of distress and give you a result.
  • You can then access resources and support options to help you.
  • Australian doctors and mental health professionals use this test, known as the K10. They  sometimes ask you to take the K10 and talk about it with you.

Start the K10 test

Mental Health Check-in

  • Answer 5 questions about how you’ve been feeling lately.
  • Your answers help us suggest which stage you’re at on the mental health continuum. 
  • We'll suggest resources and support options to help you now. 
  • We're testing this new tool and you can give us feedback to help us make it better. 

Start the Mental Health Check-in