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Support Beyond Blue’s work to improve financial and mental wellbeing.  

Key messages

  • Having access to the right support options as early as possible has a major impact on a person’s recovery from money and mental health challenges. To support people experiencing financial hardship and mental health conditions, Beyond Blue is working with financial services, mental health services and community organisations to increase understanding, action and support.
  • Rising cost-of-living pressures are having a major impact on people’s mental health in Australia. In fact, more than 1 in 3 Australian’s reported that cost of living pressures was the issue having the greatest negative impact on their mental health – more than any other issue.
  • People experiencing financial challenges are twice as likely to experience mental health challenges. The reverse is also true.
  • The way people talk about financial challenges can cause people to feel stigmatised. Experiencing difficulty with finances can feel like a personal failing, which can lead to shame, fear and denial. These feelings can result in a reluctance to seek support.
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People experiencing financial challenges are twice as likely to experience mental health challenges and vice versa.

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Useful information

Our Financial Wellbeing page covers the basics and what can be done to support financial wellbeing. 

You can access a snapshot of recent evidence on the webpage or downloadable PDF. You can also access this information in an infographic. 

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Read the research

Our landmark ‘Money and Mental Health’ research report, conducted by Heartward Strategic and commissioned by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).  

The report looks at the relationship between financial wellbeing and mental health in Australia.  

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Online training for professionals

The Money and Mental Health Online Training Course, developed by Go1 and with support from Financial Counselling Australia, helps workplaces and services better understand the relationship between money and mental health.

The course is great for those who work with people experiencing financial hardship and/or mental health challenges (e.g. financial services, utility providers, community organisations, mental health workers). It will help you provide an empathetic and supportive customer experience.  

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Services Guide for Financial Mental Wellbeing

Beyond Blue developed a guide with support from Financial Counselling Australia for businesses to help recognise signs of financial hardship and mental health conditions. It provides practical advice and resources to help link those experiencing challenges into support as early as possible.  

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Cost of Living policy submission

Beyond Blue is advocating for further support. Read the policy submission about cost-of-living pressures and the impact on mental health. 

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