Having a conversation with someone you're worried about

Talking openly about suicide or self-harm can be scary and confronting.

It can be frightening and distressing when someone you care about wants to harm themselves. It’s important to remember that for many people this is part of their mental health condition. However, learning about suicide and self-harm may help you to recognise when a person is at risk and prepare you if a crisis occurs.

If a person you know seems to be struggling, reach out and connect with them. Showing that you care could make a huge difference in their life. 

The Conversations Matter website and Language when talking about suicide page on this website provides helpful tips on how to talk about suicide. A good place to start thinking about what to say to someone you're worried about is the Have the conversation page.

Supporting someone who is suicidal

"If you can see that someone's struggling, I think you gotta remember that it's not about keeping them happy, it's about helping them."


Be prepared 

It’s always better to be prepared. Talk to the person about the issue of suicide when they're feeling calm and encourage them to develop a safety plan to use if they start experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings. Our BeyondNow app can help your loved one create their safety plan – they can also email you a copy so you can support them. 

Crisis support

If you are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000. Other services include:

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