Video transcript - What is anxiety?


It’s a word used often these days. 

But what is it?  

And what’s the difference between feeling anxious and an anxiety condition?

When you perceive a threat, you might feel uneasy… 




…or even scared.  

This is anxiety.  

And it’s a natural and healthy response to situations you think may be harmful.

But if these feelings hang around…  

…pop up with no apparent reason…  

…or start to impact your day-to-day life…  

…it could be the sign of an anxiety condition.  

Anxiety conditions are really, really common. 

There are plenty of different types. 

And different people experience them differently.  

Because we’re human. 

But what causes an anxiety condition? 

It could be any number of things or a combination of them.

Such as a big life change. 

A hugely stressful event. 

The breakdown of a close relationship.

It could be that there’s a history in your family of people experiencing mental health conditions …

...that you experienced trauma when you were younger...

…or that you’re dealing with ongoing physical illness or pain.  

While these are some of the main known causes of an anxiety condition, they aren’t the only ones.

What’s most important is to understand that an anxiety condition is treatable. 

And it’s worth talking to someone about. 

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