Stop. Think. Respect.

Real life stories

Why should I be made to feel like crap for just being who I am?

Because of the things people say and do, LGBTIQ+ people are far more likely to experience depression and anxiety. Annaliese, Gina, Marlee, Rob, Sally and Shane share their stories of being treated differently and how they have overcome depression and/or anxiety.

Why is Beyond Blue doing this work?

Beyond Blue, in collaboration with LGBTIQ+ communities and the Movember Foundation, has produced a national campaign aimed at improving the Australian community's understanding of discriminatory behaviour and the impact it can have on the mental health of LGBTIQ+ communities.

There is research evidence connecting the experience of discrimination with an increased risk of developing depression or anxiety. Research, as well as the real life experiences of LGBTIQ+ people, shows that discrimination, both subtle and overt, is high for LGBTIQ+ communities. This campaign is instrumental in helping Beyond Blue achieve its mission of providing national leadership to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the Australian community.

The campaign, including the Left handed cinema commercial and real life stories, works predominantly with young people as well as the broader Australian community. It has been designed to prompt people to stop the discrimination, think about how comments you make could cause real distress and harm, and respect people who are different from you.