Men in rural and remote areas

Isolation and difficulty accessing services are some of the challenges faced by men living in rural and remote communities. 

For those making a living from the land, there is some evidence to suggest that the farm environment is hazardous to mental health, with farmers experiencing high rates of stress and depression. In Australia, male farmers die by suicide at rates significantly higher than the general population and non-farming rural males.1

We encourage people living in rural and remote areas to explore all the information and resources on this website. You'll learn more about the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and the actions you can take to look after yourself, your mates and your family.

If you, or others you know, are experiencing depression or anxiety there are effective treatments available, and the sooner you take action the better – either for yourself or by referring someone else to the right resources.

This website is a fantastic resource, and you can always talk to your doctor or someone at the Beyond Blue Support Service if you need further information.

Your own local social network is also a great support, particularly when times get tough, so talking (on the phone if your nearest friend or neighbour is too far away) and sharing experiences across the community will assist in building resilience.

It's important to remember that depression and anxiety are common conditions, not weaknesses, and with the right treatment, most people recover.

1. For a full list of references for the statistics on this page, and any others across the website, please visit the references page and search through the relevant category.