New fathers

Many of us know that depression related to pregnancy and birth can affect mothers, but it's important to remember that fathers are at risk as well. 

Depression can start in pregnancy and in Australia up to 9 per cent of pregnant women experience antenatal depression. About 16 per cent of all new mothers (that's about 1 in 7), and 5 per cent of fathers develop postnatal depression in the year after having a baby. Anxiety conditions are likely to be at least as common.

Statistics show that depression and anxiety may be more common for those dads and mums who:

  • have been depressed before
  • have less practical, emotional or social support
  • feel the burden of financial stress
  • experience a difficult birth
  • have current or past experiences with drugs or alcohol
  • have a sick baby
  • have major life and relationship difficulties, past and present
  • find the reality of parenting is different from their expectations.

If you, or your partner, is experiencing depression or anxiety, the baby and other children in the family will be impacted, so it's important to get professional help sooner rather than later.

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