1. Rusty's NewAccess experience
    Don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel frightened. Actually make a phone call. Get off your backside. Get off the bed, and make a phone call. You won’t regret it. There is hope.
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NewAccess testimonials

NewAccess is an innovative mental health coaching program, designed to help people tackle mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression. Below are testimonials from people who have been through the program.

“My anxiety and stress was affecting my sleep, work and relationships. So, I took the opportunity to get support. After only five weeks, my breathing troubles, low mood and overall peaks of anxiety have dulled to almost non-existent. I am truly a happier person and my life is much more fulfilled, as I am able to be more present and live in the moment.

''My Access coach gave me the confidence and support I needed. This is not an all-talk program – it is highly practical and effective. I would highly recommend NewAccess to anyone experiencing anxiety or stress.” Kate

"I found the world’s best wingman. I felt that he [Access coach] had my back. In the beginning I felt that I could barely get through each day waiting for our next appointment. But like all good wingmen, he did not make me dependent, he just let me know he was there, gave me a couple of nudges in the right direction, and flew beside me." Allie

“The program has assisted me greatly in crystallising some thoughts and feelings, tackling complete issues in my life in a positive way, drawing on strengths and changing thinking habits that were unhelpful to me and to others.” Jack
“After my first meeting, I felt relieved, and with each successive meeting, more confident in myself to be able to overcome my attitude towards each problem I faced. I was given tasks and behavioural therapies to try, which are still in progress, but have greatly helped.” Natalie

“As a bloke, I loved the fact that this wasn’t all touchy feely stuff. I reckon it is very clever to fill out survey forms each week, because this turned my mental problems into something tangible that I could understand, measure and work on improving.” James
“Most of my progress and thanks are attributed to my Access coach, who not only encouraged me to try, but also made my attitudes and problems feel validated.” John

 “I stumbled across the NewAccess program when I was going through a tough and uncertain time. I am so glad that I did! During this time I discovered a lot about myself and with the skilful advice from my Access coach, I was able to explore many aspects of my life in a new and refreshing way.''  Alisha

''I had just moved to Australia from England and experiencing culture shock and grief.  Visiting the local library I saw a flyer for the NewAccess Program.  I left a message and was quickly responded to. My situation was challenging and I found the weekly support via phone contact helped me to focus on problem solving using straight forward approaches. My Access coach was able to see that worry is a big issue for me.  It had particularly flared up in my situation. 

''I am a good problem solver but I realised I’m not strong in identifying my own problems.  I was helped to categorise worries into practical and hypothetical and then if a practical worry then moving into brainstorming for problem solving options. And then begin taking small actions towards the solution.'' Emma

Note: People have been de-identified for privacy purposes. 

Crisis support

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