NewAccess Case Study – Brian's Story


Living alone in a small rural community, Brian was feeling lonely and lacking motivation. He had been living with depression all his life and had previously seen Psychologists and Psychiatrists for counselling and therapy. Unfortunately, however, that treatment didn’t provide the practical resolve he was looking for and when a friend mentioned NewAccess he decided to give it a go. 

In his first session with the NewAccess Coach, Brian explained his feelings of low motivation and loneliness which in turn would lead him to think that the effort required to achieve anything wasn’t worth it. The ripple effect meant he then didn’t go out and do things which negatively impacted his overall wellbeing. 

Throughout his six sessions the NewAccess Coach worked with Brian on achieving his two main goals: 1) socialising with friends most days, and 2, finding activities he was passionate about and could be involved with weekly. He worked through the Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Behavioural Activation guided self-help workbook and identified practical solutions to bring about positive change and overcome feelings of low motivation and loneliness.

Across the six weeks, Brian started participating regularly in activities that helped develop his social connectedness and wellbeing. At the end of the program he felt much clearer about how his thoughts, feelings and behaviour can go around and around in a negative or positive manner, and definitely felt better equipped to get himself out of a negative spiral. 

Thanks to Lives Lived Well, NewAccess service provider for giving us the background to Brian's story. To find out if a NewAccess service is located in your area please visit our find a coach page.   

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