“I first heard about NewAccess when I was looking at starting therapy again and was talking to my GP about what he thought I should do. He suggested I give NewAccess a try because it was a low-intensity program, free, and getting some great results. I hadn’t heard about it before, but ‘great results’ sounded good to me.

“I’ve experienced high levels of anxiety at different times throughout my life, and when I went to see my GP, I was having a particularly rough time. I’d even stopped going out so I could avoid anything that would make me anxious.

“From the start, NewAccess felt different to anything I’ve tried before. The therapy I’ve done in the past was quite confronting because it had to be done face-to-face, which I struggled with. And I always felt like it was more about letting me vent – I never left feeling like I was better equipped to cope. 

“NewAccess isn’t about venting or raking over the past. You do talk about what you’re struggling with, but the focus is very much on finding ways to think differently, so that you can, ultimately, act and feel differently. It felt helpful and made me feel more independent and proactive. And the fact that I could do it all on the phone made it much easier for me to stick with it.”

Week-to-week progress

“By about week three of the six-week program, I started noticing I was coping better and feeling less anxious thanks to the tools I’d started using to help prevent my negative outlook and self-talk.

“My NewAccess coach, Bernie, also shared my results and progress with me every time we spoke, based on a weekly questionnaire. Seeing the improvement I was making week to week, and the fact that after just three weeks, I’d shifted a long way from where I was at the start, was a great source of motivation. Seeing my progress became quite addictive.

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“This year has been a strange, vulnerable time for everyone, but particularly for someone like me, who often feels anxious at the best of times. To be able to say that I’m back to a place where I feel good again, despite all that 2020 has thrown at us, has really surprised me.

“I’d encourage anyone who’s thinking about trying NewAccess to give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose, and not only is it far worse to bottle things up, it’s also such a relief to feel better.”

For more information

You can learn more about how the NewAccess program works, including finding answers to frequently asked questions, by visiting the homepage.

You can also find out whether there’s a program currently available in your area, and submit an enquiry online or make a simple phone call to start the ball rolling.

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