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SenseAbility is a strengths-based resilience program designed for those working with young Australians aged 12-18 years. It consists of a suite of modules developed to enhance and maintain emotional and psychological resilience.

It was created with classroom delivery in mind, but the modules can easily be adapted to benefit young people in other structured environments such as TAFEs and youth organisations.

The program is based on cognitive-behavioural principles, the evidence-based approach which says that our thoughts play a critical role in influencing feelings and consequent behaviour.

You can download SenseAbility modules for free below and watch the DVD on YouTube.

What’s available in SenseAbility

SenseAbility consists of seven modules, a suite of supporting videos, and downloadable curriculum materials and resources. The program includes:

SenseAbility modules

1. Essential Skills

Covers the life skills which help young people to deal with life's changes and challenges and interact more effectively with others.

Helpful thinking and self-talk 



2. Sense of self-worth

This module covers knowledge and belief in strengths, qualities, and abilities, and an acceptance of inherent value and individuality. Self-worth is particularly important during the transitional phases in a young person's life.

3. Sense of Control

This is about a young person's belief that they have the skills and ability to cope with life's challenges and can manage their emotions. Includes a realistic recognition of what is within and what is outside a person's control and how to respond to challenging events.

4. Sense of belonging

The feeling of being valued, needed, accepted, and being connected meaningfully to a social network. Connectedness within school, within the family and in the community may help increase your sense of belonging. Feeling part of a group – eg family, peers, friends – helps add value to your own life.

5. Sense of purpose

Covers the concept of a sense of purpose or meaning and the motivation that drives a young person towards a satisfying future. Discusses developing a personal code of behaviour.

6. Sense of future

Looks at feelings of hopefulness about the future. Involves positive expectations, realistic thinking, goal-setting and problem-solving.

7. Sense of humour

Discusses the ability to see the lighter, funnier side of life, including their own foibles, and the importance of planning enjoyable events.

What's next

If you have further questions about SenseAbility, implementation or delivery, please contact our Education Projects Manager on 03 9810 6100 or send us an email

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