thedesk is a free online program aimed at providing Australian tertiary students with strategies and skills for success and wellbeing during their time at university or TAFE.

What's in thedesk?

  • Modules to develop problem-solving and self-management skills. Topics include getting things done, staying calm, staying connected and feeling good.
  • Tools to help with everyday issues such as relaxation, challenging unhelpful thoughts, using feedback constructively and problem solving.
  • Quizzes about different areas of life such as relationships, physical health and mental wellbeing.
  • An online Coffee House for students to connect with other students, share experiences, music, art, recipes and more!
  • Links to information and support services to help deal with a range of common issues.

All components of thedesk are informed by research on the prevention and treatment of mental health problems, web-based interventions and engagement.

Visit thedesk to find out more information including:

  • research behind the development of thedesk
  • who is thedesk for?
  • what's in thedesk?
  • functionality
  • promoting thedesk
  • evaluation of thedesk.

If you have further questions about thedesk or implementation, please contact our Education Projects Manager on 03 9810 6100 or send us an email.

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