Have the conversation

Speaker 1: The main part of depression anxiety is that you feel really, really isolated and you feel really, really alone.

Speaker 2: It didn't occur to me that I could talk about it. I thought this was life.

Speaker 3: We're meant to share. We're meant to talk.

Speaker 4: It'll be just one case where you do check in, that somebody will then find the confidence to finally open up.

Speaker 5: I'd be like, "Oh, thank goodness somebody's ask, so now I can start to let it out."

Speaker 3: You feel relieved, you feel like your not alone anymore.

Speaker 6: For somebody to ask and be worried about how I was. It made me think that I was worth something to someone.

Speaker 2: When I started talking about it, I improved markedly.

Speaker 7: To talk to them and ask them if they're okay, it could be that you are the only person.

Speaker 2: Talking is the way out for all of us, all people who feel like me.

Speaker 6: If my friend hadn't take that step and that risk with me, I wouldn't be sitting here today.

Speaker 2: It's a positive event to speak.

Speaker 8: It's the process of talking about it that helps.

Speaker 9: It doesn't matter whether it sounds articulate, just begin a conversation. Something that will lead you somewhere.

Speaker 5: So, start that conversation however you can and basically, take it from there.