Let's talk about suicide


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You have a lot of courage for reaching out

This is inspiring actually

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Ryan: People will help you. There's stuff out there and the world's better with you in it really so don't just sit there and let it fester. Try and get help for you

Greg: You know there's so much beyond what you think isn't there. You know if you're struggling and all you've got is the depth and the burden and the weight and the loss and the confusion the panic. What happens beyond that is remarkable and it's remarkable. You know and you have to find a way to fight it because it's worth it It's worth it to keep on going, I think.

Tim: It's important to speak up early with either friends peers work colleagues, someone that you trust. You must have faith and trust in the person

Rosie: There's quite a lot of services that you can reach out to, and you know visit your GP, if you're not comfortable with your GP and what they've had to say go find another GP. Don't think that there isn't help out there because I actually at some stage did think that that there isn't help. There is plenty of help. There is a lot of help.

Bill: Keep going try this do that do this do that

Tim: I would certainly agree with you 100% and I think the other thing to get out there is that there are various means of treatment and ways of dealing with mental health issues and whether it be biological with medication or whether it be men's groups whether it be community groups etc. There's lots of ways that you can help yourself with mental health issues. It's just important to get that message out there. Just keep trying. Keep doing it.

Ashley: My advice to anyone who is contemplating taking their life is, call a friend, someone close. Someone who you feel would be the best to take you out of that situation because there's nothing worse than being alone when you're feeling like the world is collapsing around you.

And my other advice would be also to LifeLine have text now, text them, call them. Hop on to ReachOut Forums or Beyond Blue forums and check them out because I swear that the position you're in at that point someone else is in it too. And those kind of things in that moment can be what you need just for support. Because sometimes talking on the phone to a professional is not something that someone can do at that point.

It's hard to say I want to take my life. It's so hard to just say that sentence to someone. But then initially if you don't want to say it type it. Just do something, do something.