About The Way Back  

On average 65,000 people attempt suicide in Australia each year and eight per day will die.

People who have previously attempted are among the most at risk to take their own life and the three months after an attempt is a particularly vulnerable time.

The Way Back Support Service helps people through this critical risk period. It's an innovative suicide prevention service designed by Beyond Blue to provide non clinical one-on-one care after a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis.

A Support Coordinator contacts an individual within one working day of receiving their referral from a hospital or community mental health service and supports them through the next three months by engaging them with services that address some of the issues leading to their distress.

This can mean anything from financial advice to connecting them with community groups or helping them attend healthcare appointments.

The Way Back Support service is personalised and specifically tailored to each individual's needs, it focuses on reconnecting people with the community and their existing support networks because these personal relationships help keep them motivated to stay connected and alive.

For more information visit The Way Back Support Service page on the Beyond Blue website.