The kind of things I've seen in people, in gay men, that something might not be right with them, would be things like a change in their general pattern of how they do things, if they're a person that's normally out socialising a lot and and having a lot of fun, suddenly they're not.

Knowing how they interact with you in the boundaries of your friendship, and then when that changes, that's the first little flag.

Yeah, I've had a best friend. You know, you talk to them every day, kind of imagine how they are, you have that bond with them, and all of the sudden they just change.

They don't go out as often anymore. They don't talk to as much.

They stop doing their hobbies like cooking, playing tennis, watching movies, going shopping.

Not seeing them out and about, so you have to be observant in yourself to pick that sort of stuff up.

Are they doing things that are out of character for them? Are they drinking more than they would?

I think it's good to go with gut feelings. It's that intuitive thing that we have that we should use.

If we think someone's not managing very well, go with it, I'd say.