You grow up in a society where men don't talk, men don't cry, men don't share their feelings.

There's a common bond that may be between two gay men, and that maybe creates a space where they can talk about stuff a little bit easier.

It's just getting people to actually be willing to talk 'cause most men wanna try and hide it.

I think gay men have a lot more to deal with. You have, you know, challenges as a gay man.

Do I fit in, where's my clique, what's my identity?

I'm thinking helping each other with these difficult times around depression, anxiety,

I think we tell each other stories, and I think that can be empowering to share that, share that story together.

It's important for mates to help mates out when things get tough.

'Caues that's what mates do, that's why you're a mate.