I think the reason why I'm proudest to be the CEO of Beyond Blue is because I actually see the difference that we make to people and families every day. When I was thinking about applying for the job I sat down with a really good mate and she told me about her travels around the bush and how Beyond Blue had been there for so many people over so many years and had actually saved a lot of lives.

And now three years into the job, I actually see that still happening I see every single day people coming to us in high distress, in real despair, often really bewildered and not really knowing where to start, and we might not do very much, we might just be a listening ear, we might just point them to some useful information, we might actually help them through counselling or referral to a service. But I know that we're there for them and I know that as a result of contacting us we've started to make their lives a little bit better.