Safety planning was first brought to me through my psychologist, who I was seeing at the time.

I was talking about, you know, suicidal thoughts and I was quite depressed. I didn't feel like many things were going my way.

My experience of safety planning is quite a positive one. I made my safety plan three years ago. It's been there through lots of times, I have referred to it a good number of times.

I lucklily don't need to refer it it too much now days, which is quite good. It's just a big list of all the positive things in my life and all the things I know I'm good at.

The most times I feel depressed, I am by myself, and knowing that I'd have a list there of 'hey, these are activities that I can do by myself which will kind of bring me up, is s really key thing for me.

Being able to have a long list of friends and professionals that will help
you the drop of a hat to drop everything and help. And I have used that many a times, and they always pull through for me. 

My safety plan now includes music, watching certain shows, or certain episodes of shows, that pretty much pick me up. Walk down to the river. Even to the simplest of 'just breathe'. Just long deep breaths, just counting to 10. Long deep breaths.

Pretty much anything which puts me in a positive mind frame, and things that will make you really appreciate what you've got. 

Because it's so much easier to just lay there and kind of sit in your sorrows and be sad for yourself. But if you've got a list of things that you know are going to make you feel better, that's at least one way to start.

The app is pretty much a digital version of what I'd normally have at home. But being the fact that if I could take that outside of home, just sitting in my pocket.

I think it's absolutely brilliant. You never know when you're gonna start feeling depressed. So just being able to grab it, knowing that you've always got it and you're not going to misplace it.

Everything is laid out nice and simply, so if I do just want to target one specific thing on the app. I can just go 'look, whats going on?' and I can just, you know, kind of pull myself out of it and know that life is worth living.