So what I do to look after my mental and physical health is I always make sure I have good balance between footy and outside life.

Playing first grade footy is a bit of a roller-coaster, so you're always going to have plenty of ups and downs so I make sure that I have plenty of interests outside of football to take my mind off things.

It's a balancing act of footy and also stuff away from footy.

Balance in life is key. You know, for my mental state.

I like to do a bit of study away from footy and I also like to put a little bit of extra effort into my body and do some pilates... I like to swim.

Physically I do a lot of recovery... I do a lot of ice baths and do a lot of spa.

One of the things I've done is change my diet... I like to make sure I get enough sleep try
and tell myself to have eight hours sleep.

A lot of sleep as well is very important and trying to lower the stress of just day to day stuff.

I always make sure that I surround myself with positive people, family and friends are always someone I can go to.

Surrounding yourself with people that talk other stuff than footy is a very important thing as well.

I always make sure my relationships are very open, and also I always check up on my friends, always asking how they are.

Make sure you seek that advice because mental health is very, very important.

I think it's a really important topic that we make sure we talk about.

Talking about mental health is the game changer.

Talking about mental health is the game changer.

Talking about mental health is the game changer.