What should I say? Life saving conversations

Ashlee and Greg take one. I'm very nervous. It's our story we own it.
You have a lot of courage for mentioning it. It's inspiring actually. Thank you.
What I shouldn't say

Greg: What shouldn't people say to you? You'll be grand. Get it together and you'll be okay.

Bill: Or just be mindful or to just think positive.
Suzanne: Tell them to snap out of it.
Vicki: Don't say get over it.
Greg: Walk it off kind of you know... You'll be fine. It's just a phase yeah it's just a phase they'll grow out of it. They'll grow out of it or you'll go past it.
Bill: Don't keep thinking that way because it's just gonna make you worse. Just get on with it, just get on with it.
Suzanne: Saying they are weak or they need to be stronger.
Vicki: Don't dismiss it and say well my life is hard too so like all there are people who have it worse off than you.
Ashley: Or even the best one is you need to care about others more than yourself. I've had that actually said to me.
Vicki: Or snap out of it. Don't say it's all in your head.
Ashley: You know you're not thinking of everyone else, you need to think of your friends and your family and how they're gonna feel.
Vicki: and anything sort of dismissive is absolutely not helpful in any circumstance really.
Ashley: It's all in your head!
Greg: That's right yes it is that's the problem
What should I say
Bill: I just want someone to say it's okay to be the way you are.
Suzanne: Sit with them with, listen to their thoughts and just show them that you are there for them and you want to reach out to them.
Ashley: All I wanted was just for someone to actually listen so they didn't actually have to say words just to listen to me and understand what I'm saying is that I'm suffering and I just want you to say well I'm here for you and you're gonna be okay.
Jen: You know I wish I could get in front of the people in my life, there's been three in the last three years that have taken their own lives, and just let them know that even though they they might have thought
that people didn't care about them and that life would have been better without their existence that they're wrong that they are valuable and they're there they're part of what makes this life so beautiful and that you know people want them to stay around.