Why should I be made to feel like crap just for being who I am?


Male teacher voice: In August 1789, with the objective of establishing a constitutional monarchy...
needs to be neater than that. The assembly introduced significant symbolic reforms.

Male voice: He's doing it again. Why can't you just be normal?

Female voice: Honey...

Male voice: Lefty.

Male voice: Lefty.

Male voice: You're a freak, Lefty!

Male voice: Oi, mate. How is it going, mate?

Male voice: Leave me alone.

Male voice: You're a freak, boy.

Male voice: You're getting close, mate.

Male voice: Smash him. Smash him.

Male voice: You wanna play serious?

Male voice: Do it, do it.

Male voice: Lucky, you're lucky.

Female voice: Hey, you shouldn't worry what people think. You should just be yourself. Okay, well, see ya.

(background conversation) I think it's getting worse.

Female voice over: Imagine being made to feel like crap just for being yourself.

(background conversation) This left hand thing I mean. Maybe it's just a phase.

Female voice over: It's the same for gay, lesbian, bi, trans and inter-sex people.

Female voice over: The things we say and do cause anxiety and depression.