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The stories below are the personal experiences of people who have recovered from, or are going through, depression, anxiety or a related disorder. Beyond Blue also encourages family and friends to share their experiences of providing support to someone they care about.

These personal stories provide a first-hand look at the challenges and triumphs associated with managing and recovering from depression and anxiety.

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Sharing your story can be an opportunity to download your thoughts and feelings, help others by providing hope and encouragement, and also help break down the stigma around depression and anxiety.

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  • Russell
    He had abundant patience, which he drew on when working as a personal care attendant. Nick enjoyed drawing, as did his grandfather and great-grandfather.
  • Steph
    I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Karekhaa
    ...the best thing I ever did for myself is to keep pushing even though I feel like ending my life at times.
  • Caroline
    As the behaviours escalated, we began to realise that our child needed immediate assistance from a health professional.
  • Sally
    It was such a simply action on his behalf and I don’t think he will ever know how much it meant. He pulls me from the floor into him arms and cried.
  • Daniel
    Thankfully I found myself some encouraging friends and family who eventually started asking if I was OK, which I wasn't but it opened a door to express how I was feeling.
  • Emily
    She looked at me, held my hand and told me she needed me. That I mattered.
  • Sammi
    I eventually told my mum that I was self harming and she organised for me to start seeing a counsellor.
  • Tanya
    Just as I was about to end my life, a drunken man came up to me and his exact words were “Don’t go falling down, you’re young” and walked off.
  • Sophie
    My mum refused to leave my side.

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