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When it comes to mental health, we all have our own unique stories to tell. But no matter what we are going through, there are other people experiencing it too.

From Beyond Blue, this is Not Alone. A podcast where everyday Australians talk about their mental health journey to help you with yours.



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Season One

Not Alone. Overcoming Trauma: My life will never be the same.

Overcoming trauma: My life will never be the same

The Black Saturday bushfires of 2009 are etched in the memory of so many Australians. For Cliff, a CFA firefighter during this time, these memories refused to fade. The death and devastation he witnessed would intrude on all parts of his life for the days, months and years to come.

In this episode of Not Alone, Cliff tells his inspiring story of coming to terms with his trauma, and ultimately, growing from it.

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Not Alone. Supporting a loved one: Am I doing this right?

Supporting a loved one: Am I doing this right?

When it comes to supporting a loved one with a mental health condition, there isn’t one single strategy than perfectly walks you through how to handle everything life throws at you. People are different and experience things differently, and what works for one person may not always do the same for the next.

In this episode of Not Alone, Caroline takes us on her emotional journey as a mother supporting her eldest son.

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Not Alone. Work stress: I can’t switch off

Work stress: I can’t switch off

Contrary to the name, work stress isn’t just bound to the places we work. So often, work stress seeps its way into our home life and our relationships.

In this episode of Not Alone, Tim opens up about how the stress of a new business venture, combined with his refusal to seek help, led to a range of mental health issues that began to affect all areas of his life.

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Not Alone. Isolation: I have never felt so alone

Isolation: I have never felt so alone

It seems strange that in a world of nearly eight billion people, anyone could feel lonely. But as studies keep telling us, it is a common experience in today’s society.

In this episode of Not Alone, Cecile shares her story of isolation. It is an important perspective on loneliness and the cultural stigma that can stop someone from seeking support

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Not Alone. Purpose: How do I find it again?

Purpose: How do I find it again?

Noel will never forget that Saturday in October, 2004. The day Maris, his wife of 42 years took her own life. At the age of 72, amidst grief and a sense of hopelessness, he promised he would live a life in honour of his beloved wife.

This episode of Not Alone is about losing a sense of purpose, and more importantly, the journey to rediscovering it.

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Not Alone. Inner critic: No one is harder on me than me.

My inner critic: Nobody is harder on me than me

One of the toughest challenges for people experiencing anxiety is the constant self-criticism that can accompany day to day life. That relentless internal monologue pointing out every shortcoming, no matter how small.

In this episode of Not Alone, Amy opens up on how her ‘inner critic’ began to creep into all aspects of her life as she entered her final years of high school.

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Not Alone is hosted by Marc Fennell, produced by Sam Loy, mixed by Saskia Black, and executive produced by Darcy Sutton, Sarah Alexander and Tom Ross.

Our theme song, Sense of Home, is by Australian artist Harrison Storm.

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