1. Have the conversation
    It'll be just one case where you do check in, that somebody will then find the confidence to finally open up.
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  2. Having the conversation with older adults
    It's very difficult for all of us, not only the sufferer, but also the members of the family that may recognise it.
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  3. Parents – How to have the conversation
    Don't give up at the first rejection. 'Cause there might be more there that's only one more little feeler away, and they'll say something else.
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  4. Simon's story
    If I had been aware of this illness, my whole way of interacting would have been far more sympathetic, empathetic.
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  5. De Backman-Hoyle
    Being a carer doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so the lack of information and support can be difficult.

Supporting someone

Support from family and friends can make all the difference for someone with anxiety, depression or suicidal feelings. There are lots of things you can do – from noticing changes in their behaviour through to practical support to help them recover and manage their condition.

It’s also important to look after yourself, too. Supporting someone who experiences anxiety and/or depression isn't easy – it’s often physically and emotionally draining, which can affect your health and wellbeing.

We’ve got a range of practical resources and information to help you feel confident supporting your loved one, as well as looking after yourself.

Thank you

Beyond Blue would like to thank all the people in a supporting role who have contributed to the compilation of the supporting someone with anxiety and/or depression web pages by participating in focus groups, providing insight into their experiences and sharing their personal stories. Development included a consultation with blueVoices, Beyond Blue’s national reference group for people who have personal experience of anxiety and depression, or support someone who does. Their contributions have been invaluable. Beyond Blue also acknowledges the valuable contribution made to the development of this information by Carers Australia.

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