Youth mental health issues

Everyone faces challenges in life, but sometimes feelings of sadness and worry begin to interfere. If these feelings last for longer than a few weeks and change the way a person spends their time, it may be a sign of anxiety and/or depression.


We all experience anxious feelings sometimes – it might be about exam results, a job interview, or who will win the final of a sports match. These feelings are a normal part of life and can help us avoid danger or perform at our best. For some people though, their anxious feelings can be much more extreme. This anxiety is more than feeling stressed – it's a serious condition that can make day-to-day life difficult.

Find out more about the signs and symptoms, treatment options and how you can manage it.


It’s normal to feel down or sad from time to time. For some people, feelings of sadness and unhappiness can outweigh happy and excited emotions. When you have depression, these sad feelings become overwhelming and long-lasting, affecting how you think, how you feel, and what you do.

Find out more about the signs and symptoms, treatments and where to get support.

Alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol change the balance of the chemicals that help your brain to think, feel and make decisions, both now and in the future. Changing unhealthy drug and alcohol habits can take time, but with support you will notice your mental and physical wellbeing changing for the better.

Find more information on how alcohol and drugs can impact your body and mind and who can help at Kids Helpline.

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