Sometimes one small act of kindness is all it takes to inspire someone to change their life for the better. Kindness is contagious and can have a positive three-way effect improving the wellbeing of the receiver, yourself and perhaps even someone who witnesses the act. 

One kind gesture to show someone that they're in your thoughts is to put together a personalised care package – hand-picked full of goodies from yours truly. They don’t necessarily have to be going through a difficult time to enjoy your care package either, it could be something they pull out on a rainy day or when they feel they need a little TLC. 

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You can include things that encourage self-care, help someone relax, feel pampered, reflect or get creative. 

Some of the following items could do the trick:

  • Sticky notes – write down some positive affirmations or inspirational quotes like "Hey, thanks for being you", “You’ve got this” or “Be gentle with yourself” that they can put up around the house, on their mirror or laptop to remind them you care.
  • Colouring book and pencils – head to your nearest bargain store and pick up a box of pencils and a book that will challenge them (including to stay inside the lines) and distract their thoughts.
  • Relaxing tea – sitting down to enjoy a soothing cuppa could help them find a sense of calm in their day. Next time you pop over, enjoy one with them.
  • Bullet or gratitude journal – encourage them to write down their thoughts, a list of positive things that may have happened or things they are grateful for each day to help them put things in perspective and relax before bed. It’s also a nice way to ensure your gift keeps on giving.
  • Book to read – there’s nothing like getting comfortable and letting your mind wander to another place between the pages of a good book. Even lend them one of yours, it’s a great conversation starter for next time you see them.
  • Pampering items – get them a face mask, candle, bath soak or body scrub; a little self-care is not self-indulgence. It’s about making time to care for yourself, something they may not be focusing on during tougher times.
  • Cozy socks – especially on the colder days, pulling on a warm pair can help them put their best foot forward and sock it to the difficult times.
  • Baking, snacks or chocolate – it doesn’t have to be homemade, just picked out just for their taste or something easy to nibble on if they’re not up for a big meal. The secret ingredient is your kindness.
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